Hey Peru, I’ve got some advice for you

So I started noticing a trend once we got to Cuzco. It was apparent that no one sits on the toilet.   I know this because in the 7 days that we were there, I saw exactly 3 toilet seats.  I used a lot of bathrooms in 7 days and almost NEVER was there a seat.  Once, there wasn’t even a toilet!   Needless to say, one must choose wisely where and when to do one’s “business.”  Also, be sure to bring tissue because no one will supply it for you.  I was never caught without a giant wad of tissue in one or both pants pockets at any given time.  My advice to Peru: Get some toilet seats and sail into the twentieth century!  You’ve got a long way to go.

THIS is the bathroom!


1 Comment

  1. At least there was a place for your feet so you don’t slip….

    That’s retarded! I guess if you had to take a dump, you wouldn’t need anything to read. Or i bet they have massive thigh muscles.

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