Day 2 of Boots N All’s 30 Days of Indie Travel – Topic: Embracing Change

Change can be exciting and bring new joys into our lives. But it can present challenges that frustrate or annoy us. How has travel changed you in the last year? Did you welcome these changes or resist them at the time, and how do you feel about them now?


Travel is the true test of a friendship, relationship with a significant other or even a test of your own perceptions of who you are. Traveling with a couple of friends this past year I realized a few things about myself that were hard to admit. I can be patient waiting hours and hours for a train or plane, I can be patient waiting to check into a hostel, I can even be patient with the erratic timetables both restaurants and buses have…but my patience with with my friends doing any of these things is a lot shorter than I thought. If it takes someone longer then 5-10 minutes to get ready to leave the hostel I start pacing, if someone has a particular diet I don’t want to insist we eat at the first restaurant but get annoyed if we have to visit 4 or 5 before settling on one everyone can eat at.

While I’ve learned that my patience is thinner than I imagined I also learned that independence is key to making group travel work out. I think when you travel, everyone in your group should be able to have a good time, and there are situations where someone’s idea of a good time may vary greatly from yours. This is where being or having independent travel partners is key. One of my firm travel rules when taking group trips is that no one is obligated to go along with anything they don’t want to do, so long as they don’t get upset when others want to take a different path. If your idea of a good time is touring the gardens of Paris and my idea of a good time is drinking my way around Paris I think it’s acceptable and dare I say, necessary, that each person be allowed to pursue their individual interests. When you spend 24 hours a day with a group it’s practically necessary and healthy to have that alone time doing your own thing.

The changes I’ve gone through while traveling I’m always happy with when all the dust is settled. One of the greatest things about traveling is learning about how you react in situations and can adapt to the constantly evolving state that is travel outside of your comfort zone. Change is a necessary part of life and absolutely an essential part of traveling. For many of us, the constant state of change IS what feeds our need to travel. I always feel like I’ve learned something when I come back from a trip and I’m not talking about the academic ‘this church was built in 1637’ type of learning. You learn if you’re able to haggle, you learn if you’re able to feel confident in a strange situation, you learn how it feels to be 2 years old again and can only point and smile at things you want. In the end traveling reduces you to that part of yourself which operates on gut feeling, the quick reaction and the need to make it all work.

All that being said, travel is change, every day.  You have to embrace it, you have to be able to deal with it, and resisting change will only make it more difficult to flow through the occasional chaos and unpredictability that comes with travel. Let yourself go, accept change, embrace the whirlwind and enjoy the ride.


  1. Hi Frank and Harmony

    In my 20’s backpacking I always traveled alone, I had no patience waiting for others and yep I would spend days at galleries so friends I made would arrange to meet up at the end of the day which suited everyone.

    I am also taking part in the 30 days of Indie project and am planning to link up to other people taking part (at the end of each post) so that my readers can see what a diverse bunch we really are. So far I have found ten blogs in the project.

    So what do you think, let me know either way….
    ciao for now

  2. That sounds great, I can’t wait to see what blogs you’ve got together, what different type of stories everyone tells and who’s telling them. The best I can do when I’m not traveling is live vicariously through others!

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how your renovations come along. My day job is working as a superintendent for a General Contractor here so I’m very familiar with what it takes to construct and renovate buildings. Best of luck, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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