Day 8 of Boots N All’s 30 Days Of Indie Travel. Topic-Love Learning

Travel and learning go hand in hand. Travel teaches us not only about the world and the people in it, but also more about ourselves and our own ideas and values. What has travel taught you this year?

Excitement is contageous. I’m usually always excited about going on a trip, but through the planning stages the pre-trip excitement has tended to diminish over the years and searching for the flights, hostels and things to do has become almost routine. Recently it hasn’t been until the airplane starts descending onto the runway of the first leg of the trip that I get that kid on Christmas morning feeling.

This year was different and I’m happy to see I haven’t lost my sense of anticipation. This past May we planned our trip for Panama and Colombia, this time inviting along two good friends of ours who had just taken their first real trip the year before.  With each hostel selection or activity forwarded on to our friends I became more and more excited and invested in the trip. I really wanted to make sure they had a good time and I would spend hours surfing the internet and digging for really cool things that would help make the trip fun for everyone.

As the trip grew closer our friends would talk with excitement about how soon it was, and how much they were looking forward to it and this rubbed off and I couldn’t wait to talk to them about the trip every time we hung out. Their enthusiasm helped me regain that semi nervous anything can happen butterflies pre trip excitement that had been lacking in previous travels. I don’t know that I’ve thanked them for it or ever really noticed until I had to think about this post.  I feel that the excitement is back though, as we begin to talk about the next trip I can’t help but smile, feel my feet itching to hit the road and can’t wait to share the anticipation as we plan for what’s next.

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  1. Hey just catching up with all my 30 days friends, it’s so true we had friends planning their first trip to Europe and I saw how much I took for granted. Like where countries were, what to see, where to go, and how exciting it all is when it’s all new! They gave us back our Christmas morning excitement!!
    There is always the next trip…
    ciao lisa

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