Home – Day 13 of the 30 Days of Indie Travel Project

For some people, no matter how much they love traveling, there’s always no place like home. Other travelers make their homes wherever they happen to be. Tell us about your home – where is it and why do you consider it your home?

Home is such a hard thing to define. People say it’s where the heart is, or where your family is, or where you were born or where you grew up. In an increasingly mobile society it’s rare and rarer that all of the above end up being the same place. Even growing up my family never stayed anywhere more than eight years and within that time would still move to different houses and neighborhoods.

I used to feel like Hawaii was my home because I “grew up” there, that is to say part of elementary and my junior/high school years (the formative years as they say) were spent on the breezy island of Oahu. I feel like a lot of the things that forged who I am came from those years but yet on any visit back I can’t imagine living there again. So for that reason it’s hard to consider it home.

Some people thought it was weird that I would move from sunny Hawaii to the rainy Pacific Northwest, but that’s what I did not long after high school graduation. I loved the city of Seattle, the friends I made there, the music scene, the mild summers and winters (say what you will about the rain) and it was the place where I learned how to exist as an adult outside of and very far from my family. I made a home for myself there and for many years (and still sometimes to this day) when I step off a plane at Sea-Tac airport I feel like I’m home. It’s been years since I’ve been back though so I don’t know if that’s still true.

I guess that’s why I consider my current city of Richmond, VA home. I’ve only been here for going on 6 years but I feel comfortable here. The city is small enough that you can get around it very easily, there’s a plethora of small businesses and restaurants, there’s a great music and arts scene. There’s a small town feeling in this city where styles of architecture from the 1800’s mingle with early 1920’s up to 50’s and modern day designs. I feel comfortable here, I can’t say I’ll stay forever but I can’t imagine going anywhere else right now. I have what I need to be happy here.

Then again, if home is where the heart is, then I don’t know if I’ll ever find one because my heart loves traveling, and new places and fresh excitement.


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