Meaningful Connections – Day 12 of the 30 Days of Indie Travel Project

Travelers meet dozens, if not hundreds, of new people on every trip. They may become friends, enemies, lovers, and resources; they may stay in your life forever or be forgotten the next day. Tell about a time you felt a powerful connection – for however long – to another person while traveling.

One of the most enduring friendships I have came out of traveling. To say it was a “powerful connection” may be kind of an overstatement but we clicked from the start and became friends very quickly. One of the most mysterious and interesting things about interpersonal relationships is how from an initial meeting you can make a snap judgement and decide if you do or don’t like someone. Whether those judgements turn out to be true or not, I’d venture to say most of the friends many of us have today we liked from the start.

I moved to London from Tacoma, WA to meet up with a couple of friends who had persuaded me to do the same work abroad scheme that they were doing. The two girls decided to get an apartment together and I decided to stay at the program’s hostel until I could rent an apartment or get a job in a pub with free lodging. Having arrived at the hostel and received my bed assignment I sat down and took in my surroundings. Three bunkbeds, an armoire and a sink, small dresser. Not much to it. Not too long after I got in another guy came in the room and introduced himself then asked if it was okay for him to play music on the stereo.

I had no idea that the band Idlewild would start a conversation about music that would lead to a 10+ year friendship. The commonality of our music tastes were the “powerful connection” as I immediately had someone I could hang out with and talk to about bands, songs, albums we loved and concerts we’d seen. It didn’t hurt that he had a very outgoing personality and was easy to get along with. He’d slip outside for a cigarette and return three hours later with a great story and a discovery of a secret new spot for drinks down a back alley somewhere. Since then and to this day anytime we hang out there’s always something new and crazy that’s he’s discovered or gotten into and as usual I can always be persuaded to check it out.

If it wasn’t for traveling I wouldn’t have met one of my best friends and I’d be worse off for it.

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  1. travel brings the most incredible people into our lives, how lucky we are.
    ciao lisa (30 days)

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