Vamos Pronto!

If there is one thing that is consistent with this blog it’s the inconsistency of my updates. Hopefully that is going to change with the upcoming trip to Nicaragua. I’ve decided to get slightly flashpacker on this trip and bring along my new iPad to keep up with the blog. This could end up being a terrible idea and I have horrible visions of a torrential downpour soaking it. I’m the guy who went snorkeling in Belize for an hour an a half with my camera in my pocket so already odds are not good for my electronics.

It still hasn’t quite soaked in that the four of us will be leaving in four days. Despite my previous post about not planning I’ve already gone into planning mode…..sort of….just in case.

Only the hotel and transport for the first few nights have been taken care of so there is definitely an element of the unknown once we head for Isla de Ometepe. I’ve read that the transportation here is semi reliable at best and the schedules are open to interpretation. There could be lots of walks in our future, unforeseen unexpected long hot walks. Luckily everyone going is up for adventure.

I’ll be posting stories and photos just about every day so long as there is wifi access and power, which could be intermittent at best, so please keep checking back, commenting and enjoying the trip along with us!

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