Toña time!

Alarm goes off at 6:45 am RVA time, 2 hour drive to DC to park the car near Dulles where we met our friend Christie to drive us to Reagan National where we were flying out of. Not the most convenient of ways the start a trip but when you get a good deal sometimes you to need to sacrifice.

The trip over was pretty uneventful in itself, in fact things went a little too smoothly easing in country. We breezed through customs and our driver that we arranged for was waiting for us right outside of the door to exit the terminal. The first thing I noticed upon getting outside was the humidity and a smell that Clark described as “not the most effervescent”… But really it smelled pretty bad, like we were the villains in Back to the Future and somehow landed directly into a pile of manure.


The ride to our first stop of the trip was a lot quicker than expected….maybe because our driver was taking the speed limit as a suggestion. We got to Granada and got dropped off at the hostel, checked in to our room (2 double beds, private bathroom..$11.25 per person) and got directly into a hammock with a nice cold Toña. This place looks pretty nice, has free wifi, a swimming pool, an honor system more or less for buying beer and cheap food served in house.


Normally I’d be all about wandering around the area right away but getting lost around here doesn’t seem wise on the first night. I’d heard that Managua was really sketchy, Granada less so but we heard it’s a take a taxi if going out at night kind of place, that remains the be seen but the first night we won’t test it. So our first night is going to be spent in the hostel having beers and relaxing…… I should probably get off the Internet.

Lam and Harms – there’s beer in that tea cup

Clark & Laura

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  1. Glad you guys made it there safely! Sounds pretty cool so far (minus the smells). Have fun!

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