Cerveza….Nica style

Clark and I (and Laura) are, well…..beer snobs. We like tasty beers that are high in alcohol content as a pleasant consequence of their brewing process. Nicaragua does not have these kinds of beers. What they do have are a couple major brands and some variations thereof. So for the rest of you here’s our take on the following four beers:


First up, Brahva:
Laura “That’s disgusting…it’s bad…it smells bad and sour. It’s acidic, under carbonated and looks like piss. If you’re going to make a bad beer at least carbonate it”

Clark: “Sour on the nose, and it tastes like sour corn.”

I must note that he then made a terrible face and shook his head in a way that meant he’s not finishing what we have

Frank “Anything that comes after this has to be better. The lack of taste is only made worse by the time that you get the taste that exists….ugh”

Next Victoria:
Laura is still making a face from the Bravha and has decided to get in the pool.

Clark: “Better colder. Better than the Bravha. There’s nothing offensive about it, the warmer it gets the worse it gets. ”

Frank: “Better out of the bottle, their slogan is Excellence In Quality Since 1926…..they probably need another 86 years to work on it”

So next is our go to so far, Toña:
Clark: “It’s the better of them, plenty of carbonation. Also better cold”

Frank: “The heat here warms the beer up quickly, not great for weak tasting beers to begin with. Out of the bottle is the way to go, drink quickly”

Last up is not a Nicaraguan beer, it’s a Guatemalan one called Gallo:
Clark: “Almost no aroma, not much of a taste to it”

Frank: “Holy shit, it’s almost clear. Nothing special. Almost like a weird pepper after taste.

So after not much deliberation, the Toña is the clear winner so long as its cold and preferably served out of a bottle.


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