The water is out but the wifi is on…….

Well, the water was only out for most of the day, luckily we spent the better part of the day exploring Granada’s streets. The Parque Central is the main square area of the Centro Turistico where we’re staying. The cathedral is located right at the park and from there the streets radiate out from the city center.


There are tons of stalls set up selling souvenirs, tour guides vying for your business and a lot of horse drawn carriages in which you can bumpily tour the city. The carriage tour could have been romantic but the horses seemed in rough shape and the smell was pretty pungent that none of us were up for it.


We wandered around a bit until finding a suitable place to eat breakfast before getting the day started. A typical breakfast consists of a juice, coffee, pinto gallo (rice and beans) and eggs and toast


Having already wandered around the central area near the park the previous night and that morning, we took a different direction after breakfast and ended up at the municipal market which was a wandering maze of stalls selling everything from clothes and hardware to raw meat, vegetables, and everything in between. Think of it as a mix between a farmers’ market mixed with a swap meet and having the one stop shopping convenience of a Walmart. Laura just about lost her breakfast walking through the meat section, the smell was pretty atrocious and it was an unnerving thought that perhaps this is where the restaurants get their food from as well as the locals. Seeing someone waving flies off fish that’s sitting on a counter in 80° heat was interesting. I actually enjoyed the assault on my senses, the competing smells, the people, cars and motorbikes everywhere….the controlled chaos of it all was exactly what I look for in traveling to strange places.




Our self guided tour took up a good portion of the afternoon and the heat and humidity started building up enough that a few old drinks of the adult variety and a dip in the pool at the hostel seemed like a great plan. Clark and I stopped in a small store near the hostel and picked up a small bottle of rum, a bottle of coke and two beers for about $5.50.




Now the hardest part about winging it’s our second full day, where do we go next!? We’ve got several options so Nica is our oyster right now…as soon as we can get Laura out of bed. Below are a few more photos from our day in Granada.







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