Granada Day 2

With limited time in Granada we had to choose our day’s options carefully. I had read cool things about the Laguna Apoyo, which is a giant lake that was created when a volcano collapsed on itself and the ground and rainwater fillled up the crater. The tour from Hostal Oasis left at 10 am so we went to a kiosk in el Parque Central for breakfast. I still can’t believe how cheap things are here, my breakfast of rice & beans, fried eggs, tortillas and salad cost about $2.40.

It was a pretty quick ride to the Laguna from central Granada, maybe 45 minutes tops. We were dropped off at the entrance to the sister hostel of the one we were staying at in town and were given a brief introduction of how things worked at the bar, for using the kayaks the hostel provided, etc.


The description of Laguna Apoyo at the hostel and what I read o the Internet didn’t prepare use for the size and sight of the lake. Compared to the bustle of Granada the peace and tranquility of the lagoon was a welcome respite from the heat and humidity of the city. There was a small platform not too far a swim from shore which I was determined to take a few running dives off of.


The six hours spent at Laguna Apoyo went by very quickly, but long enough to get some good swimming in, kayak around for an hour and enjoy some frosty beverages. The water was crystal clear and just the right temperature for swimming.






We had passed a cigar shop on the ride out that I had read about that who show you how cigars were made and let you roll one of your own. This sounded like a fabulous idea to Clark and I so after getting back to Granada we made a pit stop at the hostel and set off back out.


Doña Elba’s cigars is located in the Xalteva neighborhood of Granada, about a ten minute walk from our hostel. This is somewhat of a tourist attraction but enough out of the way that accidental discovery by folks who aren’t actually seeking good cigars won’t end up there. There’s was an old picture of Arnold Schwarzenneger with the owners on the wall so the place is pretty legit. They let you see the process of how their cigars are rolled and then let you roll your own.








Having experienced a dinner fail finding dinner the night before we decided to head back to the local market and procure some ingredients to make dinner at he hostel. On the walk bak we passed by La Iglesia De Merced. For $1 they let you climb the 70 steps to the top of the bell tower where you can get great views of the city.







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  1. “There’s was an old picture of Arnold Schwarzenneger with the owners on the wall so the place is pretty legit.”


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