New blog design, new trips planned…come on 2013!

My poor neglected blog. Back from Nicaragua for only 7 months and I’ve been a total slacker in posting anything on here but there are reasons for that, namely:



Everybody everybody! It’s happening!

Most of my interwebs time has been spent researching destinations, visas, ticket prices, innoculations, colorful Hawaiian shirts to wear…the essentials of course. SE Asia will be the first area to feel my wrath (and by wrath I mean excitement and domination of their street food carts and beaches) and I cannot wait to step off the plane in Bangkok. I should probably get a ticket first though as they tend to refuse entry at airport security if you don’t have one…bastards. However before the big trip there are plans for Vegas, and a couple week jaunt to Costa Rica in May.

Secondly I’m working on a complete redesign of the blog. It’s going to look sexy. You will want to make copious amounts of love to it….in the form of Facebook likes and retweets, and loads of comments. Seriously though it’s taking a decent amount of work to get the new blog hosted, designed just the way I want and working on content so when that thing goes live you can jump on it, like Charlie Sheen on a giant bed of cocaine. I’ve got a lot to learn about the travel blogging process, taking/editing good photos and all of the other things that make a travel blog visually appealing and entertaining.

I’ll be sure to hassle let you know when the new Travels Without Pants is ready to be unveiled and I sincerely hope that you check it out, pass it on if you like it and ask me as many questions on my entries as you desire.

One more thing.